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About our company

Our Business Philosophy

We aim to offer the newest, best-equipped and safest boats in the Gambia and take our guest to the fishing grounds in the style and comfort that should make for a memorable fishing experience.

Our Company

The company was founded by Momodou, who on a trip home from the UK realized that the sportfishing sector was not as good as it should be.
He started by acquiring some new boats from the USA, and is sole representative of Shakespeare and Suzuki marine in the Gambia.
A fishing tackle shop and boat chandlers was opened 1/1/99 to import the best available equipment.

Our Employees

All staff speak English and some also speak French.
The boat crew are uniquely qualified as they have been sailing and fishing the West African coast since childhood.

Managing director wearing life jacket=180 pixels wide

Momodou, the Managing Director (r) and Amoro, the Chief Captain (l.) on Fish Hawk

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